Slips, Trips & Falls

Were you subject to a slip, trip or fall that wasn’t your fault? Speak to us at Virtue Law today to find out more about your claim status. 

Indoor slips, trips and falls… 

The occupier of any property is responsible for maintaining the safety of every visitor who enters the building. Hazards appear as a result of negligence and so if you believe that you were exposed to a hazardous environment that caused your slip, trip or fall get in touch today to discuss this matter further. 

Indoor environment hazards: supermarkets & shops - 

  • Inadequate lighting
  • Stock, pallets or boxes that have been left in the aisle
  • Spills where a warning sign is not clearly visible

Indoor environment hazards: office buildings - 

  • Exposed cables or wiring
  • Damaged flooring (e.g. torn or loose carpeting or tiles)
  • Slopes (where a warning or ground-tread is not provided)

Indoor environment hazards: public access premises (cinema, restaurant, hotel, hospital, gym, school etc.) - 

  • Loose rugs or mats (e.g. in foyers and lobbies)
  • Wet floor due to weather conditions (no warning sign)
  • Obstructed view of hazards (e.g. due to advertising boards)

Outdoor slips, trips and falls... 

Any outdoor negligence claims may be attributed to a private landowner or local authority. If you are unsure whether your claim falls under the outdoor negligence category give us a call today for more information.  

Outdoor environment hazards: private car park - 

  • Inadequate lighting
  • Potholes & raised areas
  • Surface water & surface ice

Outdoor environment hazards: public pathways - 

  • Poorly maintained surfaces
  • Hazards relating to utility works
  • Inadequate lighting (faulty lamp posts)

Outdoor environment hazards: public roads & pavements - 

  • Potholes and raised road surfaces
  • Loose or removed maintenance covers
  • Raised or loose paving (including gutters)

Gathering your evidence… 

Should you be unsure which types of evidence to collect to help build and support your claim speak to our team now for advice or visit our FAQ page. 

If your injury is/was particularly serious then Virtue Law may be able to help you access expert medical care as part of your claim.