What is the likelihood that I’ll have to go to court?

  • Less than 10% off all claims end up in court, should yours be one of the few that does, you can rest assured that you’ll have your personal injury case manager right by your side at all times.

What can Virtue Law help me claim for?

  • Below are the categories that personal injury compensation claims cover and their definitions:

    • Personal injury - any damage inflicted to your person paired with the physical and emotional consequences of the injury and the impact that it has, or had, on your day to day life.
    • Rehabilitation – any immediate rehabilitation following your injury and ongoing treatment that you are receiving or received. For example, physiotherapy and counselling.
    • Property damage – damage to any material goods. For example, vehicles or clothing.
    Financial loss – recouping lost money or expenses. For example, your accident rendering you unable to work and medication.

How do I know if I’ve got a valid claim?

  • If you’ve been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault you may be eligible to claim for compensation. Any situation that wasn’t safe and resultantly caused you injury, personal stress or financial loss is classed as an accident.

How does the claim process work?

  • 1) The Virtue team will get in touch with you to gather all of the information that is required in order to make a claim on your behalf.
    2) You’ll then be introduced to your personal injury case manager, who will submit your claim to the other party.
    3) Your case manager will make the arrangements to formalise your case by following the steps below:
    • Arranging a medical examination if required.
    • Exploring treatment necessary to assist your recovery.
    • Collecting supporting evidence to validate your claim.

    Any information that is collected from the above procedure, plus any details further of relevance, gives your case manager the financial figures in order to request compensation to on your behalf.

    4) Finally, your personal injury case manager will present their findings to the other party and pursue your claim through to its conclusion.

How long does it normally take to settle a case?

  • Many factors affect the settlement time of each case but here at Virtue Law we will always do everything in our power to settle your case as soon as possible.

    The following situations could make a case a little longer:

    • If the other side doesn’t accept responsibility
    • If the other side is uninsured
    • If the case has to go to court
    • If the case is very complex

    We emphasise how important it is that you pursue what you are entitled to, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Am I able to claim on behalf of someone who is unable to claim for themselves?

  • Yes, you can. Some accidents leave the victim unable to claim and some claimants are too young to claim in their own right – these cases can be dealt with by family or friends without any issues at all.

Which circumstances allow me to claim compensation for road traffic accidents?

  • If the injuries that you sustained were the fault of another motorist, then you are eligible to claim compensation if you were –

    • The driver
    • A passenger
    • Riding a bicycle or motorbike
    A pedestrian

Does the type of vehicle that I was travelling in affect my claim? What about if I was a driver or pedestrian, etc.?

  • No, the type of vehicle isn’t relevant to making a claim. Whether you were travelling in a car, van or on a bus or coach this doesn’t affect your right to make a claim. If you were involved in a collision that wasn’t your fault, then the claim will be made against the insurance company of the person responsible for the accident.

    Alternatively, if you were a pedestrian, motorcyclist, pedal cyclist or driver then the claim would be made against the insurance company of the person who was driving the vehicle that collided with you.

How much compensation could I expect to receive?

  • Compensation amounts vary dependent on the severity of any injuries that you received. Car accident compensation typically ranges from £1,000 all the way up to £250,000. Other areas of compensation will vary so get in touch with our team now to find out what you could be entitled to!

Do Virtue Law only deal with car accident claims?

  • Our specialist team deal with all road accident injury claims (and many other areas of personal injury too)! Whether you were driving a car, van, lorry, bus or coach or were a passenger, motorcyclist, cyclist or pedestrian we’re more than happy to take a look at your claim and advise you on how to act next.

How long do I have to claim for package holiday sickness or injury?

  • Speak to us as soon as you can following the date when your holiday illness or personal injury took place. If you delay getting in touch this may affect your claim validity, for more defined figures call us at the Virtue office.

Who is eligible to claim package holiday compensation?

  • If you were subject to any instance of food poisoning or personal injury whilst on a package holiday, then get in touch today to discuss the possibility of forming a claim.

Which types of evidence should I collect to support my package holiday claim?

  • • Report any instance of suspected illness or injury to your holiday representative and hotel.
    • Any photos or videos showing any hazards that are directly related to your illness or injury.
    • Request that your comments are officially noted and then request a copy.
    • Report any poor food hygiene to your holiday representative and hotel management.
    • Keep note of any relevant times, dates, and names.
    • CAUTION: you may discover upon reporting your illness to your holiday rep that you are offered some form of immediate compensation (e.g. vouchers). The immediate compensation may appear to be a gesture of goodwill on behalf of your tour operator, but accepting any form of compensation may have a negative effect on any future claims that you make.

Am I able to change my appointed travel law solicitor?

  • If you are notified that your tour operator has appointed a travel law solicitor to your case who will act on your behalf, you are not required to oblige. You are still able to get in touch with us here at Virtue Law to discuss your case and how we can help you.

Is there a slip, trip or fall claim time limit?

  • Speak to us as soon as you can following the date your slip, trip or fall took place. If you delay getting in touch this may affect your claim validity, for more defined figures call us at the Virtue office.

What evidence should I collect to help support my slip, trip or fall claim?

  • • Location
    • Date and time
    • Photograph or video of the scene (possibly CCTV)
    • The cause your slip or trip (e.g. wet surface, defective paving, etc.)
    • Contact details of the landowner or the attending company representative

How do I begin to make a medical negligence claim?

  • The first step in making a claim is to submit a formal complaint through the National Health Service (NHS). The NHS will investigate the complaint and reply with its findings. If the NHS or the negligent doctor, hospital or other party denies that wrongdoing has occurred, contact our solicitors for expert advice and care.

How much compensation can I claim from the airlines?

  • Flight compensation amounts are set by the EU Law, EU Regulation 261/2004. The amounts are based on the length of the delay and the flight distance. They are not related to the cost of your ticket, so whether you paid £50 or £5000 for your ticket, the amount of compensation stays the same. Our table below outlines the level of compensation available for valid flight delay claims.

    If you have flown from an airport within the EU to another airport within the EU:

    £200 for flights less than 1500km
    £320 for flights over 1500km


If you have flown from an airport within the EU to an airport outside of the EU
(or vice versa)


£200 for flights less than 1500km
£320 for flights over 1500km
£480 for flights over 3500km

What is the criteria for flight delay claims?

  • • The length of the flight delay must a minimum of three hours or more
    • The flight must either be booked with an EU airline or enter / leave the EU to fall under the EU regulations
    • The cause of the flight delay must be a fault of the airline and not extraordinary circumstances
    • The flight must have been scheduled to have taken place within the last six years